Ditch diets and adopt a sustainable approach to permanent weight loss

(that actually works!)

Learn how to take a kind, sane, and sustainable approach to permanent weight loss without the crazy rules and restrictions of traditional dieting.

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I’m a mind body wellness and weight loss coach and the founder of The Don’t Diet®. My goal is to help you move towards your health, wellness, and weight loss goals in a kind, sustainable way – that actually works!

No more struggling with the ridiculous rules and restrictions of traditional diets. I’ll show you how to love your food (hello, Clean & Delicious), your body, and yourself so you can drop the shame, confusion, and struggle and reclaim joy, ease, and freedom with your food, body, weight, and life!


Let go of guilt, shame, and disappointment and transform the struggle and stress of weight loss into insight and ease! I’ll show you exactly how to get started in my FREE 3-part mind-body weight loss training series.

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